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Cooksey & Company, Rental Selection Criteria

Cooksey & Company observes the Fair Housing Act. The Fair Housing Act makes it illegal to deny housing based on familial status, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, or sex.

We utilize the Tenant Tracker system to verify credit, criminal and rental history. Tenant selection is based in part upon the following criteria:

  1. Credit worthiness – We do not base decisions upon credit scores; however, generally 2 years of good credit history is required. No bankruptcies within past 2 years. No recent collections or charge-offs especially for utility providers. We generally do not count medical or student loan debt against you. Upon signing a Lease, the Tenant is promising to pay the monthly rent on time for the period of the Lease.
  2. Employment – Normally a 3 month employment history is required. If your Company usually does not release wage information, the submission of your last two pay check stubs is required. If you are an independent contractor, we will need to see most recent tax return.
  3. Current Income – Generally, three times the rent in gross income is required (before taxes are removed). This is to ensure the Tenant has adequate resources to pay the monthly Rent, utilities and living expenses. We combine income if applicants are married; otherwise, you generally must qualify individually. Those full time students applying with no verifiable income will be required to have their Guarantor complete a Lease Guaranty.
  4. Rental History – Generally, a satisfactory Rental history is required. This includes a timely payment history, no recurring problems with the former Property Management, no eviction proceedings filed, proper termination notice given and no charges for past due rent or property damages on file. No broken leases agreements.
  5. Criminal History – Although each case is considered individually, recent felonies, violent crimes, drug charges and crimes of a sexual nature will normally produce overall negative results.
  6. HUD / Section 8 / Housing Voucher – not all properties qualify for Section 8 housing allowance. Please verify property qualifies before submitting application & fee. If property does not qualify for program, then we cannot accept voucher.

Each prospective tenant 18 years or older must complete an application. Application fee for married spouses (with same last name) is $40. For all other applicants there is an individual fee of $40. We ONLY accept Money Orders in mail-drop or exact Cash during normal business hours. We will not run your application until we have received application fee(s). Incomplete applications are subject to denial.

Once notified your application is accepted, you have 2 business days to pay Security Deposit. If you fail to pay deposit in time, property can be rented to another applicant.

All application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, so discuss any potential qualifications issues and insure you have Security Deposit funds prior to submitting application.

June 18, 2013